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by posted 08/11/2020

We have our first game tonight on field 5, at 6. We haven’t had much time together yet, but Dom and I will do our best to get everyone lots of chances.....move people around and see how they do. Remember  that we are interested mostly in the girls having fun, no matter what is happening in the game.

remind the girls to wear their masks, and they can take them off once they get on the field. 


See you there!       Jim

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by posted 08/04/2020

Raining all day so far.  The forecast, which changes every 20 minutes, looks as though it will clear around practice time. Don't know if the fields will be too wet...in which case they may ask us not to practice. But I will let you know whatever I hear.  I will try my best to put you all on a group text, just in case.



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by posted 08/02/2020

Hi again...

let me tell you a few more things in case you haven’t seen everything on the website. Our first practice is thei Tuesday at 6, on field 5. The next practice is Friday at 6 on field 8.  We will go through things quickly, just to see who likes different things, and hopefully figure out where everyone wants to play. Since we can’t share equipment this year, everyone will have to have their own bat and helmet. They will provide catchers gear, but I don’t think that will be shared either. Maybe one of the girls will want to be the catcher all year?  


       See you soon.     Jim

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