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What WAA provides for each team:


  • Team shirt (handed out prior to first game)
  • Groomed fields
  • Team Equipment Bag (w/ league-appropriate softballs, throw-down bases, some batting helmets, and one set of catcher’s equipment)
  • 1-2 batting tees per field


What your daughter will need to bring to the fields:



What coaches may want to bring to practices/game warm-ups:


  • Hitting nets
  • Extra batting tees and/or tall traffic cones for multi-player hitting instruction
  • Bucket of tennis balls
  • Extra league-appropriate softballs
  • Soccer practice cones for player positioning and drills
  • Empty 5-gallon buckets for throw targeting and drills
  • Field cart to transport equipment
  • Scorebook and pencil
  • Clipboard for game line-up posting