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Welcome - WAA Girls Softball Parent Information

The WAA Girls Softball Organization is a non-profit full volunteer effort and as such it requires that parents sign up for activities to support running the organization. We appreciate all the support that you give in helping make this a great organization for our girls.
All WAA Softball parents are expected to volunteer 2 hours of their time to assist the organization. If you are unable to fulfill your assignment, you need to coordinate with parents on your team to backfill for you.

Team Picture Day: All teams will play a game at Ridge Park on their scheduled dates.  Your coach has the order forms for team pictures. You will have these at the beginning of the season. Your picture time is on your schedule.  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time in order to ensure we stay on time.  Many picture times are very close to your game.  All girls are asked to get a picture taken even if they are not ordering pictures in order to ensure the team photo is complete. Little Sluggers Pictures TBD. All others are scheduled for TBD, please see your coach for specific day and time. 

Red Wing Night TBD: Game time is 7:05PM. We will be meeting on the first base side by the "Sweet Spot" food station at 6:00PM. The Parade of Teams starts at 6:15PM and there will be Post Game Fireworks!  Tickets are $6.  Watch your email for online sign up for tickets.
First Aid:There is first aid at the Snack Bar. There are pre-made ice packs, general first aid items and an AED.

Officer of the Day: There is also an Officer of the Day at the Ridge Park Fields who can be found by wearing a neon green t-shirt.  The Officer of the Day is any person appointed by the WAA board to act in that capacity. The Name of the Officer of the Day will be posted at the snack bar.

The Coach is the "first responder".

The Coach will:
  • Control situation, ie team and spectators
  • Assess and treat injury using PRICES (Protection/Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation) until more qualified personnel arrive
  • Contact Officer of the Day
  • Fill out Incident/Injury Report

The Officer of the Day will:
  • Assume responsibility from the coach so the coach can resume the game if appropriate
  • With coach and parent/guardian, decide if professional care is needed.
  • Call 911
  • Fill out Insurance forms and collect Incident/Injury report
  • Stay with injured player/spectator until qualified help or guardians arrive
Thank you!