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2019 League Night Rules

Registration, Rosters and, Insurance

Registration is online at www.waasoftball.com under Xtreme Summer Travel League. Prior to first games teams must submit the following via email   or prior to the first night’s game.

●      Certificate of Insurance 
●      Final legal roster of players listing Full Name, DOB and Player Number. Roster are limited to 15 Players. 
●      Birth Certificates must be available upon request. 

Game Rules

●      All Games:  1st game will start at 5:50 with a dead stop of 7:00 and 2nd game will start at 7:20 with a hard stop time of 8:30 PM for player safety. 
●      Second game will be against another opponent to maximize exposure to various team, skill levels and allow for teams to maximize their training in their depth charts.
●      Game balls will be provided and are to be returned to concessions stand at the end of each game. 
●      ASA Rules govern all play - The only exceptions to the ASA rules are:

         a)    Teams may bat up to their entire roster. Teams may freely substitute players. However, each player must occupy the same position in the batting order where they initially batted. In case of injury and no eligible substitute is available, no out will be counted in the injured player’s spot in the batting order. 
         b)    Courtesy Runners: Pitcher/Catcher courtesy runners may be used and will follow ASA rules. If you are batting the entire roster, your courtesy runner must be the player who made the last out. 
         c)    12U will pitch from 40’.  14U+ will pitch from 43’.

●     All games will have a maximum of 5 innings. (Umpire and league agreement) 
●      Drop Dead time of 1 Hour and 10 Mins. (70 minutes) from the official start time. (Time begins after captains meeting ends and umpires shall declare official start time.) All attempts to complete afull inning should be made.  
●      There are no game protests. The umpires’ decisions are final.

Each Game

●      Home Team will be determined by coin flip (Team traveling the farthest calls it). The Home Team is Official Scorekeeper. 
●      Both teams are required to report scores to the concessions stand at the end of the night.  No reporting equals a forfeit. If an inning is NOT complete score reported will be of the LAST completed inning. 
●      NEW: There will be a Max of 4 Runs Per Inning
●      NEW: Teams will play a 6 Out Inning to maximize playing time.  After 3 outs or 4 runs, whichever comes first, the bases will be cleared and a new inning will begin.         
●      NEW: Team managers should be encouraged to determine if "3 outs only" needs to be executed in the last inning to attempt to compete a FULL inning.
●      Games can end in a tie. 
●      Mercy rule in accordance with ASA rules: 15 after 3, 12 after 4, and 8 after 5.
●      Any team having to forfeit a league night game, will be charged with a 7-0 loss. 
●      Games should be treated as an extension of practice and Head Coaches are encouraged to utilize coachable moments on the field when applicable.  Game stoppage within reason please.  

Seeding from League Night Games - Brackets will be posted via social media and emailed to all team managers.  Teams will be seeded based upon the following order of criteria: 

a)    Best Record
b)    Head to Head (when it involves only 2 Teams)
c)    Runs Against
d)    Runs For
e)    Coin Flip
f)     Coach/Team Dance Off

League Playoff Elimination Games (Excluding Championship Game) 

●      Top four teams will make the playoffs.  All others will play a one game consolation.
●      All games will be a maximum of 7 innings. No new inning will start after 1 hour and 10minutes (70minutes) from the official start time (Time begins after captains’ meeting ends and umpires shall declare official start time). Drop Dead time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. 
●      Highest Seed is the Home Team and official Scorekeeper.
●      Mercy rule in accordance with ASA rules: 15 after 3, 12 after 4, and 8 after 5.

Championship Game Night (Will be the Winners from Seed 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3)

●      Games start 6:00 and hard stop is 8:30 due to safety concerns with daylight
●      Only the top 2 teams will play in the Championship Games on Championship Game Night.
●      ASA International Tie Breaker Rules Apply 

Safety Rules 

●      There is no throwing or catching of a ball or swinging of a bat allowed by anyone in any spectator areas or in any pedestrian traffic areas. 
●      On-deck batters are only allowed to swing bats in the field of play in the on-deck-circle. No batting practices in the area of spectators. 
●      No metal spikes.
●      Teams are responsible for their own First-Aid Kits.
●      An AED is located at the concession stand.

Inclement Weather Policy

In case of uncontrollable circumstances or interruptions due to weather, the Officer-of-the-Day reserves the right to alter the league night format in any way necessary to reach a conclusion. This can include, but may not be limited to, shortened game times, fewer games guaranteed, or playing rule changes. Games interrupted might not be resumed. Everything possible will be done to get the players safely on the field as soon as possible. ** Rain Makeup Dates July 8th & 15th if Needed**